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Mã vật thể: SCP-7444
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A photograph of an M-type giant star located in a distant exoplanetary system. The light emitted by the star was recorded to travel 0.8% faster than the speed of light.

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation currently has insufficient knowledge to prevent the effects of SCP-7444 and thereby return the universe to its non-anomalous state. Attempts to establish or find a new Regulator are ongoing as of April 19, 2022. Failure to do so will result in the possibility of a ZK-Class "Reality Failure" Scenario.

Should it become apparent that SCP-7444 cannot be mitigated adequately, the Foundation should immediately begin preparing for a Broken Veil incident. In such an event, the secrecy of the Foundation need not be maintained. All resources necessary should be used to somehow avert the ZK-Class Scenario, or Operation LIFEBOAT is to be initiated.

Description: SCP-7444 refers to a sudden anomalous phenomenon that is believed to have begun on April 19, 2022, wherein all universal scientific laws began deteriorating in their absoluteness. At the time of writing, all previously determined scientific laws have failed to adequately describe universal phenomena in 2.76% of scenarios. This percentage is noticeably rising at an alarming rate.

Following an investigation, it was determined that SCP-7444's occurrence was due to the absence of a Regulator, a necessary component to carry out the appropriate tasks needed to maintain a universe in functioning, absolute order. At the current rate of deterioration, the civilian population is likely to notice the effects of the phenomenon by May of 2022.

Addendum 7444.1


Four hours after SCP-7444's effects were first noticed by the Foundation, two experienced agents and a liaison from the Department of Universal Affairs (DUA) were assigned and readied to investigate the cause of the phenomena at Location of Interest ALPHA. Their intended mission brief was to identify SCP-7444 and possibly negotiate its stabilisation.

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